A magical place at the back of the house where you can spend a pleasant time.
Dinner and breakfast are served if weather permits.

patio patio


This impressive stone building dates from the late sixteenth century. This is one of the oldest houses in the village of La Redorte.

In the nineteenth century, it was bought by the Bishop of Narbonne and became "Catholic School for Boys of La Redorte".
Returned to a private residence in the late twentieth century, the house has been completely renovated respecting the original structure. Junior classrooms became guest rooms and those of the second cycle had been converted into dining / living room.

Concerning the family room, it was actually the prayer room, where you will be able to notice a very small stone font, typical of the Languedoc. The large front garden was obviously the entrance to the school, and the small rear garden, a second small playground.

So the old school became "La Marelle".

La marelle ancienne école

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